Updated LinkedIn

juli 31, 2009

I had already joined LinkedIn earlier but could not find/dedicate the time to have a good look at it. Now I did and I just updated my LinkedIn profile and invited some people from the past to join/endorse/recommend me. Quite curious as to what this will bring me and the contacts I´m having. It is using ´New Technology´, so I am bound to give it a go. Remarkably, and that´s a very encouraging sign, one of the collegaeus I asked for a recommendation replied within half an hour! Although he didn´t ask for it specifically I returned the favour. And that´s another encouraging sign!

LinkedIn logo

Hello world!

juli 30, 2009

Welcome to my blog. I intend to share the things that interest me, and of which I think they are shareable. They will be things that I think are worth sharing and that are worth the time to get them shared. I am actually quite curious myself what will appear on this blog. Important themes will  probably be science, evolution, learning, technology, music. It may also start to contain snips of my everyday life as it unfolds. I definately intend to have a look at it myself every now and then. ‘Talk’ to you later!


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