‘Lesson free period’

oktober 14, 2009

There is another one coming up. What a lot of non-teachers refer to as ‘holidays’ or ‘a week of’. I am trying to convince my surroundings that in actual fact it is only a lesson free period for me and those colleagues that take their job as a teacher still seriously. I can not do all the things I am supposed to do if I do not use the time offered by having students stay home for a week!

In actual fact, when calculating the number of hours teachers in the Netherlands are supposed to work per week and per school year, it adds up to only the summer holidays being a true holiday! So, if you wish the lesson free periods to be holidays you will have to work harder during the regular weeks, by about 10%. This may not sound a lot, but when expressed as about ‘half-a-day’ it sounds more like it truely is. This means: more pressure, faster exhaustion, more need for another holiday!

Call it what it is, use it for what you call it, and all is relaxed once again. Pressure is a choice.

Lesson free period, a name to remember. A name to start using.

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